Healthy Ramadan Meal Plan

According to latest research dairy free diets could be a major risk during Ramadan for bone health. Weight gain during fasting in some people and if you are one of them who get weight here are some Ramadan diet tips

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What Types of Food are Eaten During Ramadan

What types of food are eaten during Ramadan? The mouthwatering delicacies during Iftar and Suhoor can be rather attractive making it comparatively cool to over-indulge and overlook the balanced, healthy diet. This can take a peal on energetic organs in our body and mostly our bones. Healthy bones play essential part in our overall health so some simple tips for Ramadan suhoor menu and suhoor food to follow to certify that your bones remain healthy and strong during Ramadan. The body wants calcium to shape and keep strong bones. An adult needs 1200mg of Calcium per day which is vital for healthy bones. During Ramadan, most people do not eat the essential amount of Calcium because of Ramadan food traditions resultant in the body eliminating the element from bones in order to keep blood calcium. Dairy products are best food for Iftar and also good foundations of calcium, so yogurt and nuts are perfect for Sahree as it is helps with keeping the thirst during the day.

How to make bones stronger?

Dairy food, like milk yogurt and milk cheese, are vital sources of getting calcium for strong and healthy bones and also calcium rich foods for broken bones and  can increase bone density. The Doctors recommends that many young people look for dietary and health guidance from internet on the internet for need of calcium and what calcium is good for.

Professor Susan Lanham head of NS at the University of Surrey and clinical advisor to the NOS society, said that Diet in early age adulthood is so essential because by the time we get into our late 20s it is too late to inverse the injury due to poor diet and nutrient shortages and the chance to build strong bones has passed.

What foods are rich in calcium?

There are many questions like, how much calcium in milk, how much calcium in yogurt, how much calcium in one egg, how much calcium in almond milk, how much calcium in broccoli, how much calcium in Greek yogurt, how much calcium in salmon, how much calcium in spinach. what is calcium in food and how do we get calcium can we use calcium pills, no never expect your doctor advice you otherwise because of calcium supplements side effects,  Dairy products are the highest source of calcium like milk, cheese and yogurt.

  • Cow’s milk is the greatest source, but almond and soya and milk may also have calcium if they are fortified
  • Skimmed and semi skimmed milk have extra calcium than full fat cow’s milk
  • Vegetables, seeds, nuts, fish and white flour products also have calcium
  • Pick low fat cheese and yogurt to cut down on fat intake, though crisps and biscuits have much more fat
  • For adults, 700 mg of calcium per day is suggested but boys and girls between 11 and 18 essential up to 1000 mg.

 Ramadan Eating Rules Choose wisely

With Iftar and Saher Juices and fizzy drinks high in sugar can be changed with yogurt created drinks or no extra sugar milkshakes. Also in its place of a plate high with spagatees and rice dishes create vegetables like carrots, beans and leafy foods like spinach plays a supportive role. In its place of customary Iftar sweets which are high in sugar choose for sweets high in dairy like rice pudding any milk dish. And you can lose 20 pounds during Ramadan this way because this is the Islamic diet plan to lose weight

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